[TRAVEL] Japan – Harajuku, Tokyo

Harajuku Cosplay Gloomy Bear Mango Shave Ice
Gwen Stefani catapulted ‘Harajuku’ into the Western world. All of a sudden we all knew a little about this interesting district of Tokyo. But what is Harajuku really all about, do people there really dress like anime characters and what about that famous cosplay bridge?

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[INSPIRATION] Pinterest Travel Map

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-11 om 23.55.26

The Beauty Suitcase is currently operating on wordpress.com instead of wordpress.org which makes it impossible for me to do add something I think would be really fitting to this blog:  a cool map widget showing all the places I’ve traveled to linked to blogposts. I am looking into transferring to org, but for the ‘in-between time’ I’ve found the perfect solution: a Pinterest Map!  Today I want to show you the ‘Travel Map‘ I’ve been working on.

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Making Changes

The Beauty Suitcase publishing time

Posts here on The Beauty Suitcase would previously come online at 20:30 CET every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. However, a little while ago I started working without a time schedule. Which, if you look at the amount of blog posts I’ve been putting out lately, hasn’t really been working for me. Therefore I’m making some changes:

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I Donated My Hair!

Big cut My braid cut off

That’s right, I chopped off my hair! Well my hairdresser did haha! And not just because I was ready for a change; after thinking about it for a long time I decided to donate about 30 cm of my hair to charity. Hopefully one little boy or girl will be very happy with my tresses. Read further to see what my hair looks like after the big cut and to see my boyfriend’s response (he didn’t know about it!) !

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